Maternity Preparation guide

Thank you so much for booking with Turn the Page Photography for your maternity session!

It is important to schedule your appointment as soon as possible. We typically recommend scheduling your appointment at least 4 weeks before your session in order to prepare properly. If you're wanting to do a payment plan we recommend scheduling sooner rather than later.

In preparation for your session please fill out this questionnaire in order to help us better prepare for your session:

The address to the studio is 

1528 Kestrel Dr.

Clarksville, TN 370

This address will bring you to a neighborhood, the entire downstairs is converted into a studio.

If you end up lost please call 207-475-2903.


Tardiness is 100% not tolerated in our studio. Sessions are scheduled well in advance and we expect that you show up on time.  If you are more than 10 minutes late to your session, you will be rescheduled and will be charged $150 rescheduling fee, absolutely no exceptions. If you are late and do not want to be rescheduled and charged the fee, you will not be refunded your session fees. So it is extremely important to show up on time, we cannot stress this enough. 

Session Preparation:

2-3 Weeks Before Session

Pick out lingerie if doing semi nude posing. We always ask that you pick our lingerie at least a few weeks before. This way you can review your choices with us, if you choose, have time to change your mind if you find something different, and really decide if this is the one for you. We allow up to 2-3 different outfit changes!

Decide on hair and makeup. We do offer hair and makeup in studio. It is $75 for us to do it for you. Please make sure to message us ahead of time if you decide to have us do it. If not make sure you schedule hair and makeup or have a plan for it.

Schedule Wax Appointment. You do not need to be waxed, but if you prefer to be waxed make sure you get on their calendar!

2-3 Days Before Session

Hydrate.  Only drink water. Water hydrates your skin and makes it look soft and glowy.

Prepare Bag and Accessories. Make sure you have your bag with lingerie, dresses if you're not wearing ours, and accessories ready to go. Make sure to have nude color strapless bra that fits great.

Get a Fresh Manicure and Pedicure. These can be done the morning of or the day before. The fresher the better to avoid chipping or breakage! Just make sure you give yourself enough time before your sessions.

Get Waxed and keep your skin moisturized. If you shave then wait to the day before, but if you wax please do so at least 2 days before hand to make sure redness and irritation is subdued. If you would like to get waxed and need recommendations we always recommend Touch + Glow Esthetics. We do not photoshop out hair.

Tanning. Please do not get spray tanned as we do not even out skin tones. If you choose to, make sure it's someone you absolutely trust. If you have tan lines, try to get to a tanning bed to even out your skin tone, as we do not photoshop tan lines.

Day of Your Sessions

Shave and Moisturize. Moisturize your entire body early in the morning and also bring it with you to your session.

Wear loose fitted clothing. We recommend you wear loose fitting clothes and no bra or panties to avoid lines or indentation on the skin at least to your session. We all got boobies, we're not judging for letting the girls hang out. Please please please keep all hair ties off your wrist.

Plan on not wearing panties. The only time during our sessions that our clients wear panties is when doing lingerie. Under dresses it leaves awful panty lines.

Wash your feet. Please make sure to come with clean feet. Wearing sandals, crocs, etc. lead to having dirty feet, please make sure to wear closed toed shoes and to make sure the bottoms of you feet are clean for your session.

Come to your session with day old hair if you're getting hair and makeup done with us. Wash your hair the day before. Do not come in with wet hair, as freshly cleaned hair does not hold curls well.

Have fun.  This day is all about you! We can't wait to see you!