I'm Kaitie!

As a photographer I specialize in what I call belly to baby photography. This includes: maternity, births, newborns, milestones, and families! On the occasion you'll find me working a military homecoming, but my ultimate passion is capturing the love between families. 

I am a military spouse, mom, and college graduate. No, I didn't study photography, ironic right? Instead, I was a double major in International Business and Marketing with a concentration in world languages, and a focus in Market Research. I recently just graduated with my MBA in Human Resource Management. Though I absolutely love all things business, my ultimate passion is being creative and capturing beautiful moments with my camera.  

Our Values


Our favorite thing about photography is being able to capture unique love and culture from all different aspects of life. Whether you're Pagan, Native American, Mexican, or African American, we support your culture and want to be able to capture it for you. We always encourage incorporating your way of life in to your photos and story telling.

Please note that we respect other's culture and will not photograph anything culture appropriation.


"Be real. Be you. Be unique. Be rare,"- Garima Dixit

There is only one you, and one story of you. You are unique and capturing your indiviuality is important. Show up to your session being you and only you. Don't change your personality for the sake of photos, I'm here to capture all the love and the quirks, embrace it and be yourself!


"Remember there's no small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end," - Scott Adams

We believe in vast amount of kindness. I am personally someone that has always dealt with Mental Health and Body Dysmorphia issues, and being kind to someone, even when you don't have to, can change someone's entire life. We believe in being kind and loving everyone openly.