Adding a session to your registry

Photography is expensive. We understand that sometimes photography may not be affordable to you, especially after having a baby. Between diapers, hospital bills, car sets, strollers, cribs, and so much more the least of your worries is buying a photography service. However, photography should be one of your number one priorities. You will never ever get to see your newborn this small again. You will never see yourself pregnant or feel the kicks with your baby again. But, you can freeze time with beautiful portraits to display though out your home. This is why we will now be offering services to allow clients to add photography services as a baby registry item.

How Does it work?

  1. Get any online registry, we recommend Amazon or Babylist as both allow you to add items from an external site!
  2. If using BabyList (we recommend you do) you can either add a "cash fun" and explain what it's for where people can donate money to it or you can simply copy and paste our gift card link to your registry!
  3. Then you're all set! We recommend booking your session well in advance, because whatever isn't covered we do offer payment plans to help break up the cost!